A manifesto for better travel

The world is looking for better ways to travel.
From comfort to health, through concern for our planet, our needs are ever-changing.
Innovation can make better mobility experiences come true.

After night trains

We offer a new take on how to revitalize night trains in Europe, by leveraging and opening the current ecosystem. our priority : making night trains work better for more people by providing ideas on rolling stock and services.

« Ticket climat »

Austria has introduced a « Climate ticket » for unlimited travel across the country by all means of public transport. Can France hope to do the same ?

Car-free holidays

Do you find it hard to give up your car for your annual holidays, however much you would like to ? You are not alone ! But there are tools that can help, such as the « Atlas des gares marchables » currently under development.

Bikes on hols

Bicycles are a valued way to travel, but bringing one along when travelling (or finding an equivalent bike at your destination) is no picnic.

They change their sky, not their soul, who rush across the sea.”

(« Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.« )
Horace, Epistles, 1, 11, 25-29.